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Hello, I am Jannatun Tazri

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 A Design To Elevate Life


Diversifying The
Concept Of Prescription


Rethinking Of A
Non-inclusive Public Space

What If People Become 40% Robotic In The Future?

Key Strengths


I have always been fascinated by the psychology behind human problems and behaviours. This particular interest of mine intrigued me to venture into UX and service design. Which eventually matured into my full-time career choice. Learning how feelings, thoughts and actions can be improved by meaningful designs is one of my core interests. 


For the last few years, I have been applying and learning more about design research processes. Using agile methodologies in my design projects, I have carried out in-depth and comprehensive design solutions. Running all design processes with a solid research base containing techniques like problem & stakeholder mapping, cultural-probes, co-design workshops and of course interviews, has been proven to become the base of every project of mine. 


Working with real-time stakeholders for the last two years and going back and forth with feedback and improvements have been building my skills as a designer. During my MSc, I developed advanced skills like Human-centered design, inclusive design, strategic design, brand identity building, MVP, mind map, persona design, user journey mapping, user scenarios,  wireframing, rapid prototyping and AB testing.   


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